CONNECT with your family

Benefits of Family and Child Therapy

Parents report a wide range of changes in their children.  Behavioral issues, anxiety, and depression decrease.  Children of all ages share more of their inner world with their parents.  Parents learn new ways to create closeness and security with their child.  Parents also develop compassion for their child and themselves.  Adolescents report improvement in family and peer relationships and decreases in anxiety, depression and risky behavior.

First Child or Family Session

I meet with the parent(s) to determine whether to work with the parents, the child, the family, or some combination.  Factors such as the child’s behavior, things the parent has tried before, parental bandwidth, and the child’s openness to therapy will be considered.  If the child is older, I will ask the child or adolescent if they would like their parent to be present during the first session.  For adolescents, I often get permission to have an individual session with the parent to get family and medical history. Sometimes additional family sessions are recommended.