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Joellen M. Peters, Ph.D.

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Austin, TX 78704
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Approach to Personality and Academic Assessment

Approach to Assessment
Whether you are seeking an assessment to answer a specific question, to help you with academic performance, or to help you better understand the struggles you have in your life, I will work collaboratively with you to best meet your needs. I have been trained extensively in an assessment process called Therapeutic Assessment and enjoy using this approach to help people answer questions about their lives.

How Therapeutic Assessment Works
Initially, we will work together to help you determine what you would like to get from the assessment.  I view you as the expert on yourself, while I am the expert on the psychological tests. During our initial meeting we may develop questions you would like the assessment to answer, meet with other family members or friends, or do specific activities that help illuminate your concerns.  When we discover the goals of the assessment and what you would like to learn about yourself, I will use a variety of assessment measures and techniques to evaluate your concerns.  Finally, we will meet for a feedback session where you and I will work to make sense of the test results and how they can be useful in your life or therapeutic work.

Benefits of Therapeutic Assessment
Therapeutic assessment has been shown (Finn and Tonsager, 1992) to increase hopefulness and self-esteem, while decreasing distressing symptoms. Besides getting answers to specific questions about your life, many people who have been struggling with challenging issues gain clarity and direction following a therapeutic assessment.